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Ghurkari-Kangra, H.P.
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About Apex Computer & Technical Education Pvt. Ltd

Apex Computer Education is among Himachal’s leading education provider with over 19 years of experience in molding the minds and careers of aspiring students. Apex is an autonomous, non profit making N.G.O. devoted to the advancement, promotion and development to the education (technologies & vocational), research, training, social welfare and emerging new technologies in India. We strive to provide latest and top class IT courses at a learning atmosphere.

The institution has been established in the city of Kangra from year 2001, to impart standard information technology education and best practical knowledge for it’s students in Himachal and from other states. The vision of the company is to impart quality education and build the career of the students and serve the nation with bright minds.

We motivated thousands of students every year to pursue higher education. We are one of the most trusted names in Himachal Pardesh in the field of Education.

Words From Director (Mr. Amit Kumar)

amit_md_apexTo be prosperous, the nation has to be technologically sound. This is possible, apart from other supports by developing Technical Man Power. This gives me immense pleasure to mention that APEX is helping the nation in this connection by educating and training the IT. The institute is a greater boon for the working employees who wish to improve their knowledge and education.

Our faculty is committed to excellence in teaching, learning and scholarship. They understand the students we serve and they come to the class room with extensive academic and real world experience. Your education is further strengthened by the diversity of the faculty and student body. This makes for a marvelous exchange of ideas and more effective learning. APEX is an upcoming institution, which is maintaining a very good track record.

I look forward to welcoming you to the world of APEX. I wish the institution for future success

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